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Valerie Dunn

Dear Ladies -

The purpose of Welcome to Washington is to promote cross-cultural education and friendship among American women and those of other nations. For 57 years, we still endure because we hold true to our principle of service to others through friendship and understanding.  From this original idea, 20 other Welcome Clubs have been created around the world.

The many nationalities of our 450 members provide a rich, diverse atmosphere where we can learn from each other and celebrate our differences as well as our similarities as women.  We have the opportunity to meet and befriend women who have had different experiences than ourselves along life’s way.

Our Club is strong and vibrant due to the efforts of our many volunteers who give their time and talents to organize enriching activities and events. This year, we will visit galleries, gardens, embassies, hear lectures from book authors, celebrate holidays, share wonderful cuisine, and more.

I invite you to contact us for information on membership.  Welcome to Washington is a wonderful environment in which to make friends, use your talents, and make a difference in our beloved Club.

Valerie Dunn